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It all begins with a love for good wine

Winemaker, Ricky James began his love affair with Sangiovese while working at Lowe Wines in Mudgee and to pursue this passion (with the blessing of his wife) he established his own winery. It was from here the James & Co. label was born.

Ricky and his effervescent wife Georgie are the original members of the James & Co. crew who founded James & Co. Wines upon a desire to produce limited quantities of approachable and enjoyable wines. Having a young family, a deep love of country life and strong links to the family farm they call Rutherglen home. So, it was only a matter of time before this enterprising duo branched out to produce wines under their own label. But here is where the Rutherglen stereotype ends.

Going their own way

Figuring Rutherglen already had the market stitched up with the “big”, “bold” and “heavy” reds from multi-generational labels we have grown up with, Ricky and Georgie spotted a niche for a lighter, brighter “with food” wine. Enter James & Co. Wines – riffing on a classic Italian Sangiovese theme with their Sangiovese Rosè, Sangiovese Cabernet and Sangiovese.

This break from the traditional Rutherglen mould doesn’t stop with a new wine but also presents a new way for James & Co. is a winery with a vineyard of “no fixed address”. With clear vision and care, Ricky only selects the vineyards and small parcels of fruit that will create the wine blends he desires. This vision continues through to his winemaking style; but there is a softer side to his persona that shines through with gentle handling and minimal intervention during the winemaking process.

The Motley 'Co.'

Ricky and Georgie choose to surround themselves with a menagerie of friends, family and industry colleagues who share their love of wines, particularly the Italian styles, an abundant table and lively conversation. The “& Co.” is a motley crew that just works. It is undefined and ever-growing, an amalgamation of skills, ideas, support networks and personalities. James & Co. Wines reflect Ricky and Georgie’s lives and their “& Co.” is the cooperative community drawn together and reflecting the Italian style of living with an Australian twist.